Friday, February 26, 2010

Ministry in the Redlight District

As you can imagine doing street ministry in the Red Light District can be pretty intense. We have been prayer walking each Tuesday and sharing with people on the streets on Friday's. A few weeks ago we had some really great experiences. Four of my teammates and I set out to share the gospel and God moved radically on peoples hearts. As we walked by one of the windows a woman was singing. She opened her door and began to sing a beautiful song one I had never heard before, "I have never known a love like this before." It was a deep moment as she sang a song of freedom into the air it filled that dark alley. During our prayer walk that week I saw myself crying on the streets for purity with a broken heart. I didn't know when or how that would happen but I found out this particular Friday night. As I walked by one of the windows I saw a woman and I felt the Lord's heart speak to me, "she is lonely." A friend of mine and I approached the window and I began to share God's love with her. Her eyes illuminated with hope and life. After walking away I could only go a couple of steps before crying and she noticed my tears. A few days later I saw her again and approached her window. She asked me why I was crying and I was able to share with her more deeply the Father's love. We have become friends and all I can see when I see her is God's beauty. I love Francis!

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  1. yes Amy! You're doing awesome! Miss you so much! Can't wait to see you. When does my Amy get home?

    P.S. you know I'm totally God's favorite still right? lol